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Oleguer Serra

Who I am

I am an enthusiastic engineer, a committed activist, and an entrepreneur advocating for open and accessible technology for all. My interests revolve around the thrilling challenges in the fields of artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, open data, open-source intelligence (OSINT), information security, and cybersecurity. Apart from my tech pursuits, I am passionate about exploring the majestic mountains of my homeland, experimenting in the kitchen, and immersing myself in the world of books. Welcome to my personal website.


Stuff I do

I professionally collaborate on various projects where I am fortunate to combine activism and technology.

  • Òmnium Cultural


    Auba is a non-profit foundation based in Switzerland that promotes Catalan culture, language, and identity worldwide through innovation, entrepreneurship, education, and cultural diplomacy.

    The goal of the Auba Foundation is to become the flagship of Catalan culture representation worldwide.

  • Moeenia


    At Moeenia we offer information security and legal protection services, from a global and transversal perspective. Based in Barcelona and Neuchâtel (Switzerland), we help companies to protect systems, assets and data against the main risks and vulnerabilities and we defend them from all types of security incidents.


A bit of trajectory

I'm Oleguer, a technology enthusiast from Badalona. I studied Electronic Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and, in 1996, I founded one of the first Internet companies in our country. I have worked as a consultant for non-profit organizations, always looking for ways to improve their operations through technology. In addition, I have had the opportunity to develop my activist side for the Catalan language and culture. Recently, I completed a Master’s in Cybersecurity and Privacy. Outside of work, I am a father of three beautiful children and I enjoy cooking, reading, and hiking in the mountains. Thank you for visiting me!”